Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Generous and Wonderful

We talked with James about buying toys for the "boys and girls with no money". That was the easiest way to explain it. We forgot to take the toys to the Santa Breakfast but we did bring them to the daycare the next school day. He very happily put them in the box for Santa to pick up.

I'm very sorry to need to tell James about the boys and girls who don't have nice homes, enough food, or toys to play with. He is still unwilling to part with his (current) toys to give to the needy but he'll get there one day.

Later that night, James has been highly amused by some Youtube videos. Dad and James cuddle on the couch and watch the short little lego "movies". I'm trying to encourage James to make his own movie soon.

His giggles are heart warming.

Silly Sneaky.

James told me that Sneaky "didn't watch" him pee.

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