Wednesday, December 14, 2011

School Food

FYI This is what you get if you buy school lunch.  I kinda sorta forgot a lunch today and I was very hungry.  I have a school account for these kinds of emergencies so I decided to venture down to the cafeteria for lunch.

It's Chicken and Gravy day.  I asked a few kids (who were in line for the C&G) if it was good.  They all said yes.  I've had it before but I was interested in their opinions.  So that was the main choice with an optional dinner roll.  

Vegetable option:  There was a  really, really mushy looking vegetable blend that I declined.  I tossed some salad on my plate and added a few carrots.  Carrots, broccoli and celery are always offered- with low fat dressings of your choice.  I never see kids with vegetables on their plates (french fries do NOT count).  Sad.

Fruit option:  I declined all of them.  I have an apple in my purse.  There were smallish apples, a fresh fruit cup (orange wedges, piece of melon), and then bruised bananas.

Milk option:  Chocolate skim, skim white, 2% white.  Chocolate skim is good but SO much sugar.  Not for me.

The yogurt was an extra 75 cents.  EXTRA!  I think my adult meal was $3.25.  So really I paid $4.

I should add that there are lots of extras.  Chips, rice crispy bars, ice cream (occasionally), fruit juice/water bottles, etc.  Free/reduced lunch kids can't get these, and then if you have parent restrictions on your account it won't let you buy them either.  Kids enter in their pin numbers and a nutrition staff member is monitoring.

There's always a pizza option, a sandwich option (spicy chicken patties are popular though I tried one once and it was a hard, beyond-crispy hot mess), and entree salads.  I usually have the salads but I'm not entirely convinced it is real meat on the chef salads.

I really think James needs to take lunches when he starts kindergarten!  He'll need to help me assemble his lunches or at least pick out the foods at the grocery store so he stays committed to them.  No trading :)

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