Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 11- Sneaky

We left James (and Sneaky) in Grandma Rose and Grandpa Larry's safe hands for Saturday night. They were in charge of Sneaky's shenanigans for Sunday morning.

This is what I found on Sunday-

Sneaky was perched high above their sliding doors, with a great view of the golf course and woods. Feliz Navidad- Sneaky must be bilingual!

The day before though... We arrived at Grandma's house and when James wasn't looking I quickly pulled Sneaky from my purse and posed him.

He was on Grandma's bed! James shows Grandma. He was in shock that Sneaky followed us from our house!

Back at home the next day- Sneaky beat us home! He was on Dad's ball "chair" when we got home. Okay, so I had to work fast on that one.

Later, Sneaky gets stuck looking at the neighbor's Christmas lights.

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