Saturday, December 3, 2011

December 3- Sneaky


I got to sleep in today so I didn't see the exact reaction but James found Sneaky with his lady love, Fairy. They had a sleepover. A date. They are wrapped in each others' arms. Oooh.

Fairy didn't stay long. I made her leave in the mid-morning. She was a bad influence.

James with his Lego creation. It's a restaurant!

We left to get our Christmas tree in the morning. While Daddy was browsing inside the store, James found the perfect tree. He was pretty insistent.

He wanted to carry it to the car. I told James we needed to find Daddy to help. He didn't want to leave the tree because "other people might take my tree". I managed to convince him that it would be okay and we left to find Jim.


I don't know what this was. Worried? Worried that Daddy won't like his tree??

He likes it!

Yay! We found our tree!

James helped to push it into the car.

When we got back to the house Sneaky had moved!

While Jim put the lights on the tree, James ran up and down the couch doing his "Ninja training course". Silly.

Helping with ornaments.

"Our tree is so beautiful!" I think we heard James say this many, many times today. Agreed!

Helping Daddy put the star on top of the tree.

This is my favorite ornament. The DQ ice cream cone.

Forced pose.

That darn Sneaky moved again! Do you see him?

Daddy and James had a tea party. I was invited and participated but I was busy taking pictures and laughing. Jim looked kinda uncomfortable but of course was a good sport :)

Sneaky fun. Jim teased James that he was going to touch Sneaky. "No!!! He'll lose his magic!!"

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