Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

We met Grandpa Roger, Linda, Joe and Shannon for breakfast on Christmas eve morning. It was nice to see Roger and Linda before we all became busy with everything else in our jam-packed weekends.

After breakfast we headed back to our house for gift opening and Christmas cookies.  Grandpa Roger got down on the floor and played with James and Legos.

Thank you Grandpa Roger!

Later that day Jim and I exchanged our gifts. I guess we both just couldn't wait.  I received an iPad (!!!!) and I gave Jim the pool cue case that he really wanted.  James can really keep a secret!  He helped me pick up this gift at Grandma Laura's (where I had delivered) and he knew I wrapped it, and didn't say a word!  Scary how he can keep a secret :)

We went to Grandma Laura's for Christmas Eve dinner.  James loves tinkering on the piano.

Is this what I think it is?  Legos!

And the rubber stamps he wanted!

Grandma Laura opens the Charlie Brown Christmas tree that my boys thought it was so funny to give :)

Wow!  James receives a magic show set from Grandma Laura.  Unexpected and wonderful.  James was at a magic show at his school the other week and he was chosen as the Helper.  He helped the magician make flowers appear (or something like that) and he loved it.  I think he will love this magic set!

And Uncle Joe brought James a new sled!

Trying out the magic set...

When we got home that night we stopped on the front steps to put out the reindeer food.  James wanted to lay down and look at the stars.  Cute!

The magical reindeer food is oatmeal and glitter :)

And we left out milk and cookies for Santa.  And carrot sticks for the reindeer!

We knew Santa would come because Sneaky had been giving him GREAT reports all month long.  Sneaky left us the day before.  We were sad to see him go but things have been much calmer since he's been gone :)

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