Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas! from New Horizon

Finally! I'm able to post about James' Christmas party at his daycare. I had quite a bit of trouble uploading these videos to my usual places. Finally they're all set and ready to be oooooh'd and ahhhhh'd upon :)

Jim and I both volunteered at the daycare party/fieldtrip.  We had to help the small children with their coats and lining up.  And then we walked over to the senior apartment building for some caroling and cookies.  And then we walked back for the hot chocolate and book exchange party.  Woohooo!   Party animals :)

Here, Missy (one of the most patient people I've ever witnessed) lines up the kids to practice the carols one last time.  The teachers actually had to move the children to another room for a breather because they were so wound up with the parent volunteers there.  They came back after a brief time.

Walking over to the apartments.  James said, "I think it's going to be beautiful in there!"

It is NO SMALL TASK getting all 31 kids to line up and not dart into the street.  There were plenty of parent volunteers but still...

Missy, to get their attention, asks them to FREEZE!  They throw up their arms and freeze.  It works!

Again, they were really, really super excited and needed a calm down activity.  Missy led them through "Balloon Yoga".

The kids enter the performance area.  There are seniors and parents in the audience.

My little James did a TREMENDOUS job!  He sang every song!  There were lots of kids who didn't sing, who just fidgeted.  Not James.  He rocked back and forth on his heels and sang.  I wish I could have picked out his voice but I'm sure he was a strong singer :)

Afterwards James enjoyed a cookie with Mom and Dad.

Back at the classroom James handed out his teacher gifts.  His wonderful Mom bought Tavern gift cards and baked Triple Chocolate Biscotti for FOUR teachers.  I hope they liked it.

Hot chocolate party!

Jim and I left soon after the Hot Chocolate party.  It was getting late and we had each only taken off half a day.  We were so proud of James!  He is a big, big boy with many skills!

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