Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December 6- Sneaky

I found a Sneaky sized tree at Michael's and I decorated it with mini ornaments. How lucky that they were all 50% off!

James liked that he was able to finish with the star on top. He did the same for our big tree so I know he likes to consider that HIS job.

So I had my mini tree and Sneaky all ready when Jim decided that Sneaky was bringing James a gift. We bought the DVD and book from the TV show that James LOVED LOVED LOVED last year. The Prep and Landing elves! I tell James that Sneaky must be friends with them, but they have different jobs.

It's a cute show. They just aired a new one on Monday and we've enjoyed it but the first one is definitely our favorite.

James took the book to daycare yesterday because he just wanted it close and left it in his locker. They did end up reading it to the entire class :) He is insisting that I read it to the class next week, when I am signed up to volunteer/read. The teacher said repetition is good and the kids would just love that someone new is reading. I'm the first parent to volunteer (I signed up for the very first spot!), and I don't know why but it's making me anxious. Will 20+ 5 year olds listen to me?! I guess it can't be worse than middle school :) :) :)

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