Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day morning 2011

James didn't wake up extra early, which was a relief.  He did wake up, go downstairs to check it out, and then come back upstairs to get us.  We heard him and waited to see what he'd do.  I knew he wouldn't rip into the presents but I wasn't sure what would excite him- the presents, the cookies that were gone, or the extra something special that was left behind by the elves.

The prep and landing elves left behind their night vision goggles!!  Whoooops!  These are the special elves who scout out the house, prepping the stockings and christmas tree for the presents.  They also make sure that not a creature is stirring and the milk is the right temperature for Santa :)

The stockings are full!  Well, James' is.  We adults didn't score much.  Ha.

Oh but Jim did get some coal in his stocking!  Not real coal of course because he is the BEST Dad and Husband in the world, but it's chewing gum coal.  Funny!

Yay!  Legos!

"This present is for me.  J-A-M-E-S!"

My blanket that I asked for!

And my Lego alien ship!

James was happy. So far he received everything he asked for.  What more could he want?  Oh just wait until we go to Grandma Rose's!

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