Friday, December 23, 2011

Sneaky the Pool Shark

When James and I come home from work/school he right away looks for Sneaky. See, Sneaky moves around during the day too. He usually just sits somewhere, but doesn't do anything too mischievous.

But on this day he was nowhere to be found. We found some clues though...

James' pool cue case at the top of the stairs??

Pool balls leading down the stairs??

Sneaky!  Playing pool!!  James was so surprised.  He hadn't ventured down to the Man Cave until now.  I hope he doesn't get too comfortable down there :)  Good job, Dad!

And then while dinner is being made, or James is busy playing, I sneak around and grab Sneaky under my shirt and place him really discreetly- sometimes right in front of James!  James was sitting right next to my chair, playing, and didn't even notice Sneaky for a few minutes.  By that time I was busy cooking dinner and so it was obvious that Sneaky is magical and moves on his own!

And he swiped Blankie!  James very carefully took Blankie back, careful not to touch Sneaky and take away his magic.

Who would want Blankie??!!

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