Monday, April 5, 2010

Take me to the Zoo

James has been excited about the Zoo since he read his Dr. Seuss book, Take Me to the Zoo. I registered James for a toddler class more than a month ago and Jim took the day off. We were going to make a fun day of it!

Right away James was all about climbing on everything- rails, rocks, anything. Here he is getting a better look at the monkeys.

We had just a little time to kill before the class so we headed to the aquarium.

And just a few minutes before class we went outside to get some air. James loved jumping and climbing on these rocks. It's the simple things in life, you know!

The Forest Friends class was kind of a flop. James started the class so well, he was excited, started chatting to the teacher right away, and actively playing at each station during the free time.

Animal tracks stamping

It was during the structured, large group activities that he kind of gave up. He refused to leave my lap and dance/move like the others. We got him to take a hold of the parachute (remember those from old school gym classes?) and then he let go quickly.

He did sit and pay attention to the animal visitors. We saw a skunk (de-skunked) and a turtle! We all got to touch the turtle. It was a great thrill. Ha.

Back to the Zoo...

Again with the climbing, on the zoo trail.

We made the mistake of mentioning a playground (I think we did the same thing last time) and then James got it in his head that he wanted to play and play and play at the playground. It was a little disappointing because we can do a playground anytime but not see the animals. Oh well. We gave in for about 20 minutes.

I was glad to see this though. I'm sure I have many pictures of James at this particular playground at the zoo. He seems to gravitate towards this chain bridge, and in the past he's always needed my help to get across. He is such a big boy now that he did this all by himself! He was so proud of himself and demanded our praise each time he went across!

So after a period of time we convinced James to leave his beloved playground and head to the Farm. The Farm Babies part of the Zoo is open just for April, so we were there for the early part of it. There were plenty of babies to see! Pigs, cows, chickens.

James and I had a great time watching the cows in the outside pen. James enjoyed climbing up the fence and getting up close and personal. (Of course I was there to watch and make sure he didn't get his little fingers licked or bit.)

The goats always make James giggle!

I think I've caught this pose before too during other Zoo trips.

But these looks are funny. This was the boys' favorite part of the day, I think. They caught a HUGE pig taking a massive poop and piss.

We used this opportunity to tell the pig that he should poop in the potty like a big boy!

James took this picture with random girls. They all climbed up on the pig statue and just stared at us parents. I took the picture.

James played in the hen house. Climbing, climbing, crawling.

More climbing and exploring at the bear den. No bear close up this time. They were snoozing on the rock cliffs in the distance.

Wow. So tired on the way home. I am guilty myself of catching a quick nap in the car, with my mouth wide open and probably snoring too! Poor Jim, the driver.

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