Saturday, April 3, 2010

ChaCha & Donkey

We always love a visit from Tia and Tio! Especially because they come ready to play!

After a quick lunch on Saturday we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful (but cold) day. James had great fun playing baseball with Tio Rich. Rich always has so much energy to play, jump, and chase James around. James screams with delight!

Baseball turned into a lightsaber duel!

We took a walk to the nearby playground and all of a sudden ChaCha and Donkey turned into kids themselves! They bumped each other on the swings and we all laughed.

Behave yourself, Tio!

ChaCha helps James with the playground puzzle.

It was pretty cold so we headed back to the house, even though James could have played and played for hours. ChaCha and Donkey are always so much fun!

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