Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter, at last!

So the big holiday is Christmas. There is the good and naughty thing to encourage with a kid, and then that's over. What helps a kid behave after that?! Valentine's Day. And then the Easter Bunny! For weeks (maybe months?) we've been telling James that the Easter bunny brings good boys a basket. He's also heard or seen stories on TV about chocolate eggs, small gifts, chocolate bunnies, etc. so he knew what to expect.

(No comments please about how we bribe our child! It's a necessary evil, I'm afraid... He also knows to be good because Mommy and Daddy expect it and it makes everyone happy. So there's that.)

The big day finally arrived and we told James that the Easter bunny hid the basket. He very excitedly looked for it!

"I found it!"

Wow, look at all the stuff! Star Wars toys, books, candy!

The Battle Droid and Obi Wan immediately had a fight.

M&M's are my favorite!

After the world's quickest light breakfast James let loose on his chocolate bunny.

Grandma Rosie was the first to arrive that day. (Some of our family came over for Easter brunch.) She is always anxious to spend time with her little handsome man. She brought a gift...

Whoa!!! A light-up lightsaber! It makes noises! (Gee, thanks Grandma.)

James' eggs are on display on our NEW DINING TABLE!!

I also ordered the official Obama Easter eggs! I have the 2009 and 2010 eggs now :) The 2010 egg has the Let's Move theme on it. (Man, I love that Michelle Obama. I love what she's doing for kids and hopefully school nutrition. Hey, that's a separate post!)

I regret that I didn't get not even one picture of our Easter brunch and guests. Sorry, peeps. It was nice to enjoy the moment and not run to my camera though!

Jim caught this picture of James and his Uncle Joe having a lightsaber duel! Yup, there will be lots of these I have the feeling :)

Happy Easter!

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