Monday, April 19, 2010

Ali is my friend!

April 11th

I'm so thankful that James loves his books! We read these books when playing in his room.

Later, outside. James tries out his golf net! He rediscovered it after it was put away for far too long.

Ugh. I hate that he loves to play with guns. We try and call them "blasters" to make it better.

The neighbor boys were playing outside too and eventually Ali and James noticed each other. Ali is NOT shy. He came over and grabbed a blaster and they started to chase and giggle. I love that James has a new friend! Ali is just a few weeks older than James.

Ali discovers that James has other toys...

Ooooh, what's that? James teaches Ali how to golf.

Ali was not good at all. It was really clear that James has natural ability!

Soon they found something new to do. Ali is running down the hill and James is rolling behind him. It was great fun for about 5 minutes. I guess their attention spans are pretty short.

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