Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Last day of Spring Break

So what did we do on our last day of Spring Break? Nothing. Really. It was a dreary, kinda wet, cold day. I tried to get James outside before it rained this morning and we got all bundled up but then he asked to go inside after five minutes. So we played inside.

We played:
Lightsaber battles
Star Wars figurines (more battles)
Catch with James' new MN Zoo ball
Leapfrog video games
Golf- putting
Art- we made paper bag puppets!
Bounced on Mommy's bed
Read books (I'm so happy he loves his new book- Chick)
We also watched the construction next door.

It was a full day despite my being kinda bummed that we had to stay indoors.

Puppets- James loved the glue stick. I ended up placing most of the pieces on the paper bag but with consultation from James. He knew where to put the eyes, the ears, most of the pieces.

It is amazing that this little boy knows how to use a computer mouse so well! Arrow keys and the keyboard are also new skills.

The lightsaber is never too far away!

I had a cute moment with James when we were lying on my bed, resting and just talking. I told him that Easter is over. (I was getting him ready to face the fact that I put away ALL of the Easter baskets, plastic eggs, Easter toys.) I told him that the next holiday is Mama's Day! James told me, "No, no. Not Mama's Day. James Day!" When I told Jim that James wants "James Day", he said the same thing that I was thinking- every day seems to be James Day around this house!

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