Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter prep

James is very obviously an only child. We noticed this while I started to get his Easter basket ready. I ended up having to use the very large basket and not the cute Elmo or sports themed basket that we've used in the past. We had so many small little gifts and treats, but we also recycled some of the things that he got last year for Easter (like the light up Easter egg from Grandma Rosie, the stuffed bunny, etc.)
Do you see the Star Wars theme?

James used to FIT IN the basket. Here he is for his FIRST Easter! What a cutie :)

We also dyed Easter eggs for the first time. James really enjoyed doing this.

They are so easy to do nowadays, you just buy a kit with the color tablets, the egg cups, and add a bit of water, lemon juice, or vinegar depending on how bright you want the eggs. We always have plenty of vinegar in this "green" household so that's what we did.

The Easter bunny is coming!

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