Sunday, April 6, 2008

17 months old today!

We had a pretty quiet day at home today. Our new deck furniture was to be delivered this morning so we couldn't go too far. Jim started to assemble the furniture but then the rain started. It ended up being a wet, dreary day. BUT James was happy and very very active. He crawled, ran, climbed, and played hard.

James' vocab:



Ball (pronounced baaaaawl)

Baba (bottle)

Uh oh (anytime he drops something)

Book (prounced boww boww)

Elmo ('Mo!)

Bye Bye

Banana (pronounced Nana)

Good (mostly "Good to go!")

Mama (BUT by accident I've taught him to say it as he pounds his own chest, because as I tried to teach him, I'd point to myself. I think he thinks it means himself and doesn't associate it with ME.)

Now that I've put together that list, I'm realizing he talks more than I think!

I've been buying summer shorts and tshirts for James as I see them on sale. I think I'm just getting excited to be done with school and home with James. :) Also this summer there are two trips planned- one to California in June and Dada Jim will be headed to Vegas in August with his buddies. Lots to look forward to!

Scary moment today: I freaked because I thought James was choking. I cut up a nectarine for part of his dinner, cutting away most of the skin. James was very enthusiastic about eating it and Jim thinks he was stuffing his mouth and not chewing, and it wasn't because of the skin. James got a little red in the face, made a gagging noise, and I yelled for Jim (just one step away, washing dishes). I hurried and removed the highchair tray and waited to see if he took a breath or made any kind of reassuring noise. He cleared his own throat, spit up a little, and then looked for more food. All was well. This just reminded me that I need to review our choking and CPR instructions. Better safe...

James got his haircut on Saturday. We are in disbelief that he all of a sudden looks like a little boy! His eyes look so huge! He's just so cute :) Lately we've been seeing little bits of our family members in James- sometimes we see Uncle Joe (combo of Jim and the brown eyes), we see Grandma Rosie, and sometimes an expression will remind me of Tia Kristina.

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