Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Miguel Muskrat back in the pond! His friends Darcia and Daniel Ducks are also swimming happily. Before James was born, Jim and I named the animal friends- all Spanish sounding names- that James would have one day when he's older and exploring the pond. We hope to make a children's book one day :) (We are geeky. We know this.)

We have a full weekend ahead of us! Grandma Rosie and Grandpa Larry are coming up for the Hullett family party. We are driving down to Chanhassen for the get-together in the afternoon. On Sunday we are meeting Tia Ana, Tio Rich, Grandma Rosie, and Grandpa Larry for brunch. Its a full family fun weekend!

So there aren't any new pictures :( My camera is acting funny and all the most recent pictures are blurry or just not good. I wish I had some good pictures!!

James has been a bit crabby lately, throwing small tantrums here and there. I'm determined to read up on time-outs but I think he's still young for them. We tried to sit him alone once and he just threw himself on his back and kicked his legs, crying. Well, we need to find something to do when he hits.

James blew me a kiss (on his own completely!) as Jim carried him upstairs to take a bath. I was a proud happy Mama :)

Our California trip is shaping up! Jim is online right now trying to find airline tickets, Grandpa Frank and Grandma Julie did a drive-by of the hotel we're thinking about and gave us a good report, and I'm going to start concentrating on putting together a packing list and/or buying what we need. Its hard to know. Do we really need a highchair or booster seat? A stroller? Crib is covered, I called the hotel and they have a crib we can use. All of this stuff can add up!

Good night!

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