Sunday, April 20, 2008

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James is a baby of many names. Today I heard him called "Nugget", "SuperBaby", "Handsome", and "Sweet Baby James". Tia Ana calls him Nugget, Grandma Rosie calls him Handsome, his Dada calls him SuperBaby (I overheard tonight's bath), and I call him Sweet Baby James among other nice things. I guess we all have a little nickname for him but he will always be James. Or James Landon Tauer! when he is in trouble :) I admit I did the full name last week when I was frustrated by the TV being turned on and off, over and over. I finally unplugged it today.

So a full weekend! We drove to Chanhassen for Dick's 80th birthday party, and we saw Grandma Rosie, Grandpa Larry and lots of other people. It was an hour drive, so we didn't expect to stay longer than about 2 hours. And what a busy two hours! James explored, played outside, and ate. Active. I was worried that the long drives would mean James would sleep too much in the car and throw off his night sleeping. BUT he stayed awake and was ready for bed when we got home :)

On Sunday we drove to Minneapolis to meet Tia Ana, Tio Rich, Grandma Rosie, and Grandpa Larry for brunch. James feasted on strawberries, yogurt, and crackers. Refused breakfast goodies like muffins, french toast, etc. James was pretty well behaved and he pulled out his new tricks- brushing his hair, blowing kisses, his sign language (apple, bath, toothbrush, bye-bye). Cute! Again, worried about the car napping but he was still able to take an afternoon nap at home.

Dada and this Mama were BUSY during the nap. Jim put together our deck furniture, cleaned out the garage, and put together James' park bench. He loves the bench but likes to stand on it. He's such a boy! I was busy cleaning and organizing.

Another busy week for us, I've got something on Monday night, and Jim has his normal pool night on Tuesday. We hope for good weather so we can use that deck furniture!

See our videos below!

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