Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We have a date with Grandma!

Grandma Rosie is coming to town not this weekend, but the next! We hopefully will go to Great Grandpa (sorta) Dick's 80th birthday party in Chanhassen and see that part of the (sorta) step-fam.

Below is a short video of James and his fork. He loves to spear food and is getting better!

Since his haircut he looks and acts like a little boy! Sandra said she has noticed a difference too. He has been playing well with the other kids, and she said she saw him be "assertive" for the first time when another kid grabbed a toy from him. He took it back! I wish I could have seen that :) Of course I will teach him to play nicely but it would have been interesting to see.

And wow has he been active and talkative! Its still mostly babble but they are words to him. He makes the same sounds over and over, and I feel like a bad mama when I don't understand but I will eventually. And active... he's been all over the place. There is not a door that he doesn't love, there is not an item on the floor or on countertops that he won't try to touch, etc. We say, "James, you don't miss a beat!" He is on top of everything!

His favorite toys lately: his tee ball and bat, his puzzles, legos (dumping them), his piggy bank (actually just the coins). He's shown less interest lately in his cars and books. Its kind of a relief not to read the same book five times in a row, but we'll need to make a concentrated effort to include books back in his day.

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