Sunday, April 27, 2008

Short and sweet

I've been feeling sick since yesterday, probably just a cold. We had a quiet day at home, except for grocery shopping.

James had a good day up until he vomited on me. He had just woken up from his nap, I carried him downstairs, and then he started to vomit in my arms. We were both covered with it, so I ran to the kitchen floor so we wouldn't dirty anything else. I stripped James and myself down as he cried and shook. It was unexplainable. He was fine in less than a minute, playing happily in his diaper as I cleaned the carpet, washed our clothing, and cleaned the kitchen floor. It was gross. I think it was the raspberries he had at lunch? It was a somewhat new food for him. I guess we'll give it a try again tomorrow.

Oh, so the babysite people emailed and said the photo albums are under maintenance until at least Wednesday. Patience, I guess.

See our video below- James loves his bat and balls!

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