Saturday, April 26, 2008

Babysite update

If you've noticed, the photos haven't been working. The babysite is undergoing maintenance and it notified me that it would take all day again. I haven't been able to upload any pictures...

Its snowing :( We woke up to a white outside. Our zoo trip was cancelled. We still went out to breakfast and were surprised by Uncle Joe and Aunt Kathy joining us! After breakfast, Jim, James, and I went to Edina to browse the Galleria mall, Southdale Mall, and finally to Babies R Us to get the much needed tv button blockers. (James has been driving us crazy with turning on and off the tv!)

I updated the "My Favorite Links" section. Don't read the blogs I have listed in there unless you want a good cry!

James is currently using his plastic baseball bat and some jingle balls to play his version of golf. He very carefully places a ball on the ground and then takes some wild swings. He has a ball! (Ha.) His other favorite thing to do is lie on the floor and play with his feet. I thought that was a young baby thing to do? Well, whatever makes him happy :)

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