Thursday, April 3, 2008

Remember when he was this little?

I don't know if you've noticed, but I added back some of the very early baby albums (November 2006 through March 2008). I had to delete a lot of pictures before because my babysite was FULL. So I added back just my favorites :)

Yay its Thursday! Though its a busy work day. We have our talent show at school today, and my students are also having our Cultural/Traditional dress day. They are decked out in their Hmong, African, and Latino clothing. *I* am wearing a Mexican inspired shirt that I found at Macy's :)

Also today I have presentations at Ramsey Elementary. I am nervous because this school is famous for giving us a hard time. Not everyone wants to talk about diversity and culture, I guess.

James! He is learning to eat with a spoon and spork. He uses his spoon to scoop up peas sometimes, and he "helps" with feeding himself yogurt. I'm teaching him to use his spork to spear hot dog pieces. He is really independent and I have a feeling he'll insist on feeding himself like this once he gets the hang of it.

Another new skill: blowing kisses! At my prompt, he blew a kiss as I dropped him off this morning at Sandra's :)

Weekend plans: I don't really think we have any. Jim has a medical check-up (for insurance) on Saturday morning but hopefully it will be nice weather and we can get outside after that!

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