Friday, April 11, 2008

Wet weekend

Too bad it will be a wet, dreary weekend. We could have gone to the zoo! Well, we have a busy weekend planned anyway. Lots to do! Tomorrow morning I'm supposed to volunteer with a group of students at the Coon Rapids recycling center, but I'm not sure if that will happen after all. Too few students, and the weather. So maybe I will get to spend the day with Dada Jim and James!

On Sunday we are busy. Enough said :)

James received a pair of handknit socks from his Tia Ana! They fit! I put a picture in the April album. Its just amazing what his Tia can do with yarn!

Nothing else to really report. James has been a bit miserable lately because of diaper rash :( His poor little bum has been pink/sore despite diaper cream. Well, he's usually a fast healer, so I hope it clears up.

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