Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dada Love

James sure does love his Dada. Dada is much preferred over me these days. Its hard not to be jealous and a little sad that James doesn't like to be held by me, but its very sweet that he loves his Dada so much! He will BEG for Jim to pick him up, James loves to sit on the couch next to Jim and he leans and snuggles against him. He is the best behaved with his Dada, when its just the two boys down in the basement. On Tuesdays Jim plays pool and isn't home. Well, that evening James was a little cranky and he went up to the basement door and pounded. Once I did hear him cry/whine "Dada!" I know he was looking for Jim. I was able to distract him with his ball and tickling, but it wasn't easy!

Last night we ate on the deck for the first time! It was pretty nice weather and Jim grilled. We brought James' highchair outside. It was nice to get some fresh air! We heard lots of birds and noises from the pond.

I was reading through a suggested toddler diet and realizing that James does eat a lot. 4 servings of vegetables and/or fruits are recommended, that's 1 Tablespoon per serving. Ummm, James ate a whole diced pear last night, along with everything else for dinner (peas, shaved turkey, milk, yogurt, cheese). That alone was his fruit/veggie allowance for the day. It also said 4 servings of grains, and 1/4 slice of bread would be one serving. Ummm, James eats a whole slice of bread each morning as a "snack" before daycare. I guess we need to work on proteins and giving James some vegetable variety. Peas everyday doesn't sound right.

Weekend plans: Minnesota Zoo, here we come! We are excited to get outside and explore the zoo with James now that he's a bit older and curious. I'm expecting lots of walking around :) Before the zoo, we are having breakfast with Grandma Laura!

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