Tuesday, December 31, 2013

San Diego Vacation, Day 4

We weren't expected at Tia Kiki's until the early afternoon so Jim took us to the Cabrillo National Park. James really enjoyed exploring. I really enjoyed seeing the ocean and seeing the smiles on my boys' faces.

Family selfie!


I wasn't appropriately dressed for exploring sand cliffs and tide pools so I relaxed at the top of the hill while the boys climbed down with the crowd to see the tide pools. (I have seen a thousand tide pools in my childhood. I do regret not seeing James' face as he explored though.)




The boys are waving.



Jimmy should have been a model (:






Later at Tia Kiki's...

Our San Diego family came to see us. Grandpa Frank, Grandma Julie, Jamie (my stepsister), Carrie (stepsister), her husband Vern and their son Cameron, my Grandma Rachel and Grandpa Frank, and of course Tia Kiki and Tio Berto hosted. There was a great BBQ and plenty to eat!

I didn't take pictures throughout the day (I kinda forgot) but I did snap a few at our goodbyes.

James and Great-Grandma Rachel.


James and Great-Grandpa Frank



Me, Grandma Rachel, and James. (I look like a giant!)


James and Grandpa Frank


Tia Kiki and James


Sorry I didn't capture more!

We had a great time with our familia. I loved that Grandma Rachel only spoke Spanish to James and he understood much of it. He was super well-mannered. Tio Berto kept him busy enough with a cool Lego program on his computer, but I know he really enjoyed the time spent with his family. He has learned that family is the most important thing- better than toys, video games, anything!

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  1. I showed Grandma these pictures. She got a kick out of them. Grandpa couldn't see them on my phone, though. Thank you very much for keeping up with your blog, I really appreciate it. I don't usually comment but I always keep up with it. I love to be able to see James' life on your blog! :)