Tuesday, December 31, 2013

San Diego Vacation, Day 3- Legoland Part 1

Yes, two parts for Legoland. We are Lego geeks. I took a lot of pictures and we had many adventures.

The day was miserably rainy for the first hour. But look at this cute picture! I realized later that I should have posed James under the other side of the rainbow (:


Luckily, we were conveniently forced to upgrade our tickets to include the adjoining Sea Life Aquarium (it was a better deal, overall). We spent the first hour of the park opening in the indoor aquarium. It turned out to be a pretty cool place. I didn't take many pictures because of the poor lighting.


Back to Lego business!



Jim read about this next display and was pretty excited to see it. A life sized model of a Star Wars X-wing fighter!




It was pretty huge!


We were on a Lego boat cruise when we spied the Eiffel Tower. James took my picture.


James showed no fear when we saw this next roller coaster ride. I stood in line too but at the last second chickened out. My reasoning? Two people per car. Threes a crowd!

That would be Jim and James in that car, all the way on the top. I swear I held my breath the entire time until I saw them safely on the ground.



And they're safe! Did James enjoy it? Ummm...it wasn't his favorite thing ever but he was brave (:


James insisted on taking this picture of us next to the spider. Jim hates spiders. He is a good sport though.


James "won" this stuffed monkey at one of the carnival games. I say "won" loosely. We paid $9 for the 3 of us to play a skee-ball kind of competition. James won against us. Yeah, he won. (There are many lessons of competition and losing gracefully to still be had. This was a special day so yes, James won. Look at that smile!)



James always loves this play area. He never remembers it though. I believe it is his third time in this area, between the San Diego and Orlando locations.

This place terrified me when he was littler. You set your child loose and then lose them in the maze of slides, tunnels, and rope courses? Ugh. But now that he's older I relaxed a little. I just stood in the single-exit area and just waited for him to finish.

On the way to MiniLand we saw these Lego Star Wars sculptures. I loved them! I took a picture of each of them to show James later.

Darth Maul.



Han Solo

Luke Skywalker

An Ewok

Princess Leia (with buns!)

Darth Vader

Boba Fett

Master Yoda

A Clone Trooper

Anakin Skywalker


MiniLand is up next! I divided this day into two parts, so stay tuned!



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