Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Halloween 2013

I'm still trying to catch up on my blog. I am home sick today, it's a snowy day- perfect for down time and keeping warm in bed.

So James was Mario this year, as if there was any other costume he'd choose! He is Mario obsessed!

I loved his moustache and poofy stomach!


Jim carved Mario themed pumpkins, of course!




It is usually just the three of us that go out trick or treating. We do a quick lap of the neighborhood and James is usually satisfied with that. We were lucky that it was not a terrible, cold night. It was chilly but not unbearable.


Our neighbors had interesting pumpkins too. A Minion!


Every once in a while we'd run into a huge grouping of kids. I think that might be the way to go as James gets older. He'd love to run house to house with friends.


So my workplace is the best. There is always a group costume and this year it was organized to be characters from Despicable Me- Minions and Gru! I'm in there, far to the left. What a fun day!


I took a look back, with James, on his costumes from ages 0 to 5. He didn't remember most of them, but had heard about them.

I couldn't easily find a good picture from his first Halloween. I always loved this photo effect as Yoda though..

Age 1- Batman! He didn't appreciate the mask so we mostly did without it.

Age 2- A mailman! He had pretend letters in his pouch that he gave to a few neighbors. It was so cute.

Age 3- A ghost! Simplest costume ever! A cheap Walmart sheet and we were good to go! This professioinal picture is from New Horizon.

Age 4- A spooky pirate!

Age 5- A sand trooper? Some kind of Star Wars character. He carried around a blaster gun, but of course that wasn't allowed at his Kindergarten school party.





So we really enjoy Halloween around here!


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