Saturday, December 28, 2013

San Diego Vacation Day 2

A good day in SD should start with a breakfast at the Hash House. Jim and I were smart- we shared a breakfast. They are monster sized.


For our first full day we planned for Sea World.

That's a lot of milk.


We ran into a few new friends in front of the giant Christmas tree.



And we got to pose in Santa's sleigh!



The first thing we did at Sea World was check the schedule for shows. The Shamu show started pretty soon after the park opening, so we headed that way to secure some good seats. It was getting pretty warm (yay!) so we tried to find seats in the shade.

James really was more excited than he looks in this picture!


The show was pretty brief. I remember the show from when I was little and the trainers would actually swim in the water with the whales. Nope. Not anymore. The trainers just guided the whales through the motions.




It was still pretty cool though!


I liked the snowman light posts.


James posed like this on his own. I have no idea where he learned that!


The biggest thrill? James saw his Snow World area but it didn't open until noon. We realized later it was because they needed to make the snow.

I thought it was pretty silly that our little guy was so excited by snow. I kept telling him, but we have snow in Minnesota!


Some of the kids came prepared- like, with mittens and snow pants! Where does one buy those things in California?!

So James then stood in line for 20 minutes to go sledding. The hill was not even half the size of our backyard hill. Again, I was pretty amused. But patient and waited with James.


He wiped out!


Jim loves penguins. He does not collect them anymore. I repeat, he does not collect them anymore. But we did stop and visit them.

The tanks were pretty awesome. If I didn't have an overeager, short-attention span child I would sit and stare at the turtles and fish all day.



We did take a little too long and James got impatient. Downright moody even. Here he is having a pout in the corner. He did NOT appreciate me taking a picture of this.


James cheered up after a quick lunch. He wanted to relax in these lounge chairs with his new Shamu stuffed friend.


We pretty much saw all of the animal displays by this time.

There was a young kids' area that James really enjoyed. All Sesame Street themed. It was nice to get on some rides for a little variety. He rode this one a few times, first with Dad and then with me.




And then another place to let loose!


After Sea World we made plans to drop by Tia Kiki and Tio Berto's house. Yay! James brought a Veteran's Day letter and drawing that he made in school. We saved it until we could give it to him in person. Thank you Berto for your service!

James read the letter, in Spanish, to Tio Berto.


And then they played some video games.


It was a short visit and I didn't take many pictures, but we were so happy to see them!

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