Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Our Lady of Guadalupe

James and I joined our neighbor friends for a performance in the big city! The "In the Heart of the Beast" puppet theatre held a performance at the Minneapolis Basilica. It told the story of Juan Diego and the Virgin appearing to him.


But first these Aztec dancers thrilled us with their dance and drumming. I've seen them dance before but just a few dancers at a time. This must have been the entire company plus their children. Huge ensemble.

I was okay taking pictures of the Aztec pre-performance but I put away my camera for the actual play. I wish the other people had... Slight vent... When did it become okay to take many, many pictures and not enjoy something? And with flash! My son was learning from these people. He asked me twice for my camera so he could take pictures, seeing all the other people doing it. No.

A few more pictures AFTER the play.


The puppet characters were interesting. Real people under there, very artsy. The play was bilingual, but really more Spanglish.


I'm glad we went! We had fun with the Solbergs!


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