Wednesday, January 1, 2014


James has been loving basketball lately. His great gym teacher has taught him how to dribble and "make a V". He even out one on his list for Santa but it was taken off after he got one at Culver's (traded in Scoopie meal points.)

Anyway... We went to my school's Polar Plunge fundraiser. The proceeds go to the winner's Plunge team. Staff from CRMS vs. the Coon Rapids Police department!

Have I mentioned that I am not plunging again this year? I felt a huge relief once I made the decision that once was enough. I tried it and can be proud of myself! Why torture myself again with the icy cold water?!

So James loved the game! It was just short enough, and fun enough!


We met up with my friend Jessica, her husband Andy, and their adorable 2 year old son Noah. Photobombed by my favorite former co-worker, Eric.


James participated in a kid's halftime paper airplane toss.


The CRMS Falcon made a new friend- Jim!



New besties?


It was a super cold night but I'm glad we headed out to support CRMS. They won, by the way! Two year champs!


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