Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I've mentioned that my school staff volunteered at the Fare for All event in Anoka. There were several hundred people that came through these doors to buy (or receive) boxes of food for a low cost.

The amount of food that arrived was unreal.


It was freezing cold so I was glad that some staff (like Kent, my assistant principal, below) came prepared in winter gear. He helped families load up carts and then unload into their cars.


Some staff stayed inside and helped fill orders.

Me? I had my coat on the whole time because I was running all over the place, as one of the CRMS organizers.


And then we relaxed at a local place.


I'm so glad to still be with my CRMS family. It was great to volunteer with them! I need to do this more often and not just for the holidays.


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