Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Eve 2013

We met Grandpa Roger for breakfast after we opened presents. Linda was sick. I hope she's well by now!

Guess who else was at Carole's Restaurant? Santa! We had to explain that Santa must be taking a break from delivering around the world.


Later, at our house... presents!


James was in charge of buying presents for his family. He chose this "snowman hat" for Grandpa Roger. Roger was a good sport and wore it proudly (:


Grandpa Roger stayed for quite a while and played pretty well with James. They went up to his room for a bit and sounded like they had a great time!


Later, Grandma Laura, Uncle Joe, and Lisa came over for dinner and celebrating Christmas.



James really liked this gift from Grandma Laura...until Uncle Joe tormented all of us with it. It is a microphone that transforms your voice to sound like an amplified elf.


I love the twinkle in his eye! Merry Christmas to the Tauers!

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