Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Eve Eve and Eve

We do Christmas early around here. With so many family members to see we prepare for Santa on Christmas Eve Eve. Jim and James get the milk, cookies, anc carrot ready for Santa and his reindeer.


We're all set for James to wake up. Hopefully not at 3am like last year, and hopefully we're not waking up to the sound of James ripping through any present he can put his hands on (including presents not for him!)


He made it until 6ish. We made him wait for us to come down with him, and we settled in. He's looking at us expectedly- now? Now can I open my presents??


His stocking was ridiculously full. Sometimes I can't help myself when I'm browsing through Target. And then Jim added a few things to the stocking, so he had plenty. Plenty!


A new digital watch! Cool!


A letter from Sneaky saying James can touch and hug him for one minute.





A calendar from Sneaky.


And the big present... A Wii U! It was on his list. Santa makes dreams come true!



And a letter from Santa in the box! It thanked James for being a good boy and it informed him that the Wii U was all set up in the basement! Updated, hooked up to the internet, and ready to go! Santa is a tech wiz!


Yes, there were presents for other people too :)

Dad (Jim) got a pillowcase. Looks plain and white, huh?


No, it was ordered from Etsy! It's a Star Wars pun. Jim loved it! It is perfect for napping in the Man Cave.


There was also a Black Series 6" Sandtrooper. It now sits on Jim's work desk.


James also had a present for us. He carried it home from school and put it under the tree days before Christmas. He kept telling us it was for both of us, "but Dad might like it more".


He read his Christmas card to us, in Spanish.


Our gift was a beautiful penguin ornament! Handmade and now a treasure!


There was just a bit of time after our Christmas Eve presents and before we met Grandpa Roger and Linda for breakfast. James headed down to the basement to try out his new Wii U!


This picture is from later in the week but it shows MY main present from Santa Jim. I received a new Chromebook laptop! But guess who loves it just as much?


Santa was very good to us! And he knows just what we like! Merry Christmas to us!


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