Saturday, December 28, 2013

School Halloween party

James' school held a Halloween party after Halloween. It was a Friday night. And a great excuse to wear his costume again!


James' artwork and writing outside of his classroom- I believe it is the story of his garrapata (tick) named Bob.


Picture opportunity.


Another gamer friend. It was funny. The parents got all excited to pose the kids together for a picture and when we walked away I asked James "who was your friend?"

"I don't know that kid."



But James does know this kid. This is one of his new besties, Dane! Dane rides the same bus and James has been full of stories about him. Dane is a kindergartener and he obviously loves Ninja Turtles.


We didn't do much else at this party but eat treats. I signed up to volunteer with the other parents so I stayed a bit later to help with the concession stand.


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