Tuesday, December 31, 2013

San Diego Vacation Day 3- LegoLand, Part 2

So again, James has been to a MiniLand three times now and this time he acted like it was his first, amazing time. Hey, we loved it! I loved that he was enthused and truly excited to see each set-up.

Each area was an exclamation and "Dad! You need to see this!" It was lovely.



See? Enthused.


Santa Convention.


James in Lego Las Vegas.


James took these pictures of his Mom and Dad by the Las Vegas Paris.



And then we found another walkway with many more Lego sculptures. See if you can recognize each historical/pop culture figure.

















James found a friend. (He is very inappropriately dressed for the California weather. 70 degrees is warm to us, but...)


And another Snow area. It was still drizzly off and on, so I don't think James even considered going into the snow.


But we enjoyed all of the Winter/Holiday set-ups! I love this picture of James. And how fitting that the Mexican sculptures are behind him :)



We waited in a short line to take a picture with the Lego dude. The Lego dude grabbed James and started to dance with him. James humored him, and just smiled. (My kid is not a dancer.)



We went into a few shops and displays in the Holiday area. I spied this Mario guy and told James we should try and build it at home. He's forgotten about it since. I thought Sneaky would build it one night, but he must have run out of time (or energy)!



I wish Jim would build this for me...


When we went back to the street area, it was snowing!

James was not fooled. Right away he said, "This is soap!"


We waited in another line to get our turn with the reindeer and then Christmas tree and Santa displays.


I took a picture of the family in front of us at the Santa sleigh, and they in turn took our picture. I should have given my camera to the parent and not the kid. I think the kid just snapped a picture to be done, not really looking at us. But we got it!


Our Lego adventure was nearly over. We walked out of the park and then realized that we hadn't been inside the new Lego hotel. Jim considered having us stay there for one night, but the prices were ridiculously high. For a hotel room? No thanks. But the lobby was a Lego adventure! Lots of interactive things for kids. Or places for parents to dump their kids for free fun (ie babysitting).

James helped to build a Lego post.


And we just happened to see the Lego Santa! Not the best background, but we snagged a picture. Again, helping a family in front of us and then they reciprocated.


This certainly put us in the Christmas spirit!

Oh and in case you were worried, YES James walked away with yet another Lego set for a souvenir. It was probably the highlight of his day!


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