Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Birthday Friends

Do you know a Mario cake is impossible to find locally? Jim found these custom icing sheets online, and you put them on a plain, smooth white cake. It was quite a chore peeling it from the backing sheet, but we did it.   With love!

His party was Mario themed, when possible. I did find a giant moustache balloon, thinking that was close enough.

James invited a few of his buddies from school, from New Horizon, and his buddy Ryan (my friend's son). It ended up being the perfect amount of energetic boys. Oh, and we hired our babysitter Abby to help!

The problem with a cool cake is that every boy had a specific character they wanted on their piece. James chose Mario, of course.

And then the gifts happened. Chaos!

After we were done in the party room we headed out to play!

I didn't approve of the gun play.

Air cannons play area.

Do you see James up there?

Best buddies James and Ryan jumping!

And then the best part of the party... The bumper cars! I liked this area because all of the kids were contained (: and this is how the parents came back and found their children- all under control! Ha!

This is our favorite picture. James is having a ball and Russell in the background has his feet up, not a care in the world!

Happy birthday to James and thanks to his friends for a great party!

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