Wednesday, December 19, 2007

We Love Sandra!

It was a busy busy day. I had a work party after school so I rushed home after that to meet James and Jim for our daycare holiday party. Sandra had her kids and families come over for a party at her house. Santa was there too! Santa arrived and the kids went wild. Oh wait, they didn't need Santa to be wild. They were running around like crazy when we got there, screaming with joy when they saw James. (At one point I whispered to Jim, "Do you want to have four more kids? Imagine five kids running around like this." I think I scared him :)

It was a bit much to handle, so we kept James safely on our laps. He did get down and show off his walking skills for the other parents. He was very cute :)

James did not cry for Santa this time! Another little girl, Rhea, kicked and screamed but James did great. Can you believe I forgot my camera!?! Sandra took lots of pictures and promised to send them to me.

At the end of the party we all headed downstairs to the Christmas tree and the presents! Sandra had presents for each kid- James got a truck and a toy baseball. The best gift was that Sandra had a homemade gift for Jim and myself FROM JAMES! He MADE us an ornament. When I saw it, I immediately started to tear up. I was overwhelmed with happiness and pride. The gift is perfect and so special to us. I can't wait for our families to see James' gifts for us :)

On the way home Jim said he was so thankful that we found Sandra. She really and truly cares about her families. We were so surprised to see the gifts and all of her efforts tonight. We are so thankful.

In other news, Jim has found a new job! He hasn't given his notice yet but will soon. Its been a great day for this family :)

Oh, and James is completely back to normal. Happy, playing and lovable. He went to bed late tonight (8pm) because we were out partying :)

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