Sunday, December 30, 2007

Two things...

Two new things today- a new fruit, pineapple, and James gained a new skill. He can now scoot himself up to standing and then take off walking. He even seems to be walking much faster now and less like a "zombie". He has much more balance and is tottering all over the house now.

I mention the pineapple because its been a long time since James has had anything new. Our challenge is to feed James enough nutritious foods now that he doesn't take formula. I'm trying very hard to get proteins and veggies into this baby- he only seems to want fruits (bananas mostly), carbs (goldfish, bread, pasta) and dairy (milk, yogurt). Tonight he did pretty well with dinner (chicken, squash, whole wheat crackers) because he dropped a bottle. He didn't have a late afternoon bottle and I was glad because everything I've read says he's getting too much dairy and that's why he doesn't have an appetite for real food. So we will try to consistently offer food before milk bottles and hope for the best. We want James to be healthy and strong :)

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