Sunday, December 2, 2007

Family Fun

We have snow! We waited for the snow to finish falling and for the temperature to be okay to take James outside for his first winter adventure. I knew he would do well because he seems to like wind, the chill, and of course being with his Mama & Dada :)

Our little adventure was only in the backyard but its the first time we've ever "played" outside of our house. It was very exciting! James sat quietly in his sled, smiled a lot when he was in motion, and had lots of fun. We only stayed outside for about 5 minutes. Jim doesn't have snow boots yet so we were most worried about HIM. I, however, have adult moon boots. Ha!

The snowsuit that Grandma Rosie bought for James worked so great! The mittens are attached, and there are little footsies that attach (and can be removed) so today we just used those instead of boots. We didn't expect James to get out of the sled at all. Maybe next time we'll be up for the adventure of putting James IN the snow to play.

James just had an unexplained crying fit. He didn't eat well today and has a runny nose. His afternoon nap was very short.

BUT James has skillz: Today he did two new things. One is he can share! I would put out my hand and say "Can you give the _____ to Mama?" And he would very gently put the object in my hand. He did this for just about everything (toys) except for his Blankie :) The second new thing James did today was put toys BACK into his Lego bin. He has always just thrown things out, making a huge mess. Tonight he helped Mama and Dada put away the Legos. Yay! A cleaner living room :)

Here is a longish video of James at play and on the move. Also, please see the video on the home page of James in his sled.

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