Tuesday, December 11, 2007

All better!

James is well. Yesterday was the best baby day ever. James was so active, happy, independent, and ate well. I actually got a lot done around the house and for James- I put up Christmas decorations, baked James' favorite squash, washed his clothes, and we had lots and lots of play time. He was like normal, not at all sick. It was still nice to be home with him to give him one more day of Mama time and recuperation.

At this point he is not getting Baby Motrin anymore, just his antibiotics 3x daily for the next 4 days.

When Jim came home from work I know he was surprised to see James so happy and well. It was like a small miracle :) We even commented that we had never seen James so happy.

I forgot to upload the happy pictures that I took yesterday. Check back later.

So I felt pretty confident that James could be at daycare today. When I dropped him off, I watched as he crawled over to his friends and started playing. He loves his friends :)

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