Sunday, December 9, 2007

Poor Baby!

James continued his crabby streak and now we know why. This morning James woke us up with very sad, loud cries. We took his temperature and it was 101.9- not really high but reason enough for him to be upset. We gave him more Baby Motrin and a bottle. He was crabby all morning, not his usual self.

Late in the morning, after his nap, he was again very hot and we took his temperature. It was 104! Jim called the doctor's office and they wanted us to come in, since his temperature was high. An hour or so later we saw the doctor and he found that James has ear infections too :( He is now on antibiotics.

James has been sick, crabby, and very clingy all day. We were glad to cuddle our little one. I can't remember the last time James let me hold him on my lap, rocking him. It was sweet but so sad because he must be in pain! He's refused foods for the past two days too.

On Saturday I *knew* that something was wrong. James went to Minneapolis with me for some shopping and he was off. I should have trusted my Mama instincts that something was wrong. Maybe he wasn't quite sick yet, but he wasn't himself. I thought I was being a worrywart, but I guess I was right to sense that something wasn't quite right. I won't doubt myself again.

I'm already planning on staying home from work on Monday. He might not be contagious but he's needing constant attention. I would also worry all day that he's needing me or that he's still feeling miserable. James is always our first priority.

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