Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Mama's Gratitude

Here's a small list of things I (as Mama) am grateful for:

*James' round belly (he is healthy and eats well :)

*Our Blankie book (James lights up when he sees it and it helps with crankiness.)

*A flexible, understanding Dada (he puts up with my moods, goes with the flow when it comes to James, etc)

*A daycare provider that really cares for James, tells me the small details, and is obviously in love with the children. I also appreciate that she says that "Mama is best" when James reaches for me. I know that she is encouraging and understanding of the time Mamas need to spend away from their babies.

*Doting family members. James has all the love he could ever want. He also gets the best, thoughtful presents- handknit hats, homemade quilts (Grandma Julie), cute outfits, wonderful books & toys.

*STTN (sleeping through the night)

*The hour before bedtime. We try to turn off the TV, read books to James, and let James climb on Dada. I think its one of the best times of the day. James is at his best and so obviously happy to play with us.

*Good friends to help me keep my perspective and sanity. (Thanks for the phone call Anna!)

I'm sure there are many more but this is my short list that I thought of tonight.

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