Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thanks Mom!

Thanks a whole bunch for teaching me how to clean like a madwoman before guests. I just spent the last few hours cleaning/organizing my house because my work friends are coming over for a Girls' Night cookie party. I just found myself cleaning doorknobs and shining the kitchen sink. I figured I should just stop before I go really crazy :)

I have crazy childhood memories of how we would clean our house before we had people over for dinner, holidays, etc. My Mom took a lot of pride in our house and family. I guess they're not bad memories :)

It should be a lot of fun tomorrow night, I think there's about 7 of us total. They are so anxious to see James, and my friend Elizabeth is bringing over her son Alex (he's 2+) and my friend Tatiana is bringing her niece who is 6. So its a girls night with kids, but I know James will enjoy the company. I hope he shares his toys!

We have a full weekend. On Saturday I hope to do some shopping with James, and then I have an eye appointment. On Sunday Jim is going over to Roger's to fix/set up his computer. I'll be home with James but I have a ton of website work I can work on.

One more week of work and then I have TWO weeks off! Yay :) Lots of quality Mama and James time! We hope to visit Dada at his work, and maybe Tia.

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