Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Whirlwind 2007

Jim and I just thanked each other for a great Christmas. We agreed it was a whirlwind of fun and activity with our families. We've followed our tradition of spending Christmas Eve with the Tauer side and then Christmas Day with my family (the Koldens, the Hulletts, maybe next year the Esteves and Reyes familias?)

Christmas Eve

We spent the morning just the three of us (Jim, James and myself). We opened some of our presents for James but all of them to Jim and myself. We gave James his PBK Everywhere chair and a few little toys. It was a nice morning :) We finished the morning by baking and decorating cookies and getting the house ready for our families. Grandma Laura, Grandpa Roger, Uncle Joe, and Aunt Kathy came over in the late morning and we had an early dinner and then opened presents! James got some great toys, clothing, and college money for gifts. He is already learning to save money :)

Christmas Day
Tia Ana and Tio Rich came over in the late morning and they were able to play with James before his naptime. Grandma Rosie and Grandpa Larry made it to our house in the early afternoon, after a long drive from northern Minnesota, visiting the Hulletts. We prepped all of our dinner items and then decided to open presents before dinner. Yay! There were tons of presents and James liked to carry them around- even if they weren't for him :) Again, he got some great toys, books, and clothing.

We would like to thank everyone for their love and generosity this Christmas!

James continues to have a runny nose and was a little crabby most of the holiday week. He seems to be better now that I put him back on his regular two nap schedule. I tried to do the one nap, like Sandra does, but it was too hard. I really wanted to enjoy my weeks off with James so I reverted back to two naps. I figured too that I was introducing enough of a change by taking him completely off of formula and trying to get more real food in him with meals and snacks too. He's been in a much better mood yesterday and today.

Weekend plans

Jim and I are headed to the Mall of America tomorrow for fun and to make a Cinnabon run :)

On Sunday we will relax and play with our Christmas gifts and help James with his.

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