Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Birthday James!

On James' actual birthday day, as if we could possibly celebrate ANY MORE, we did! James took mini cupcakes to school to celebrate with his classroom.

I was interested to see the class in action as we arrived at the school. I watched James go through the motions.

He went right to his locker to put away his coat, backpack, hat, etc. He took out his Daily Folder, library book, and lunchbox.


First, James put his library book in the classroom bin. I guess they get returned all at the same time.

He had left his lunchbox on the floor by his "locker" so he went back and put the lunchbox in the big bin of "cold lunches". All of the kids have a laminated index card hanging on the wall and he put his card in the "Cold Lunch" folder. The index card also has the student's Lunch Pin Number on it, so I'm thinking the hot lunch kids still carry the card to the cafeteria to help them with their Pin Number.
The Daily Folder went to the mailboxes. I guess this makes sense. The kids put the folders there for the para-educators to stuff later with the daily announcements, worksheets, and coloring sheets.
James did all this without my help or even without a word to me. I just watched. When he was all done he sat quietly at a table with some kids and got to work on some coloring sheets, that the teacher had already laid out.

I gave him a quick kiss goodbye and said another Happy Birthday! Again, it was pretty interesting to see all 25+ kids do that process, it was like a busy ant hill!


Later that night James received a FaceTime call from Tia ChaCha and Uncle Rich. iPhones have an option to use FaceTime, which is like a video call. iPads can also receive the FaceTime calls so we used the iPad for a bigger picture. James had a great time seeing his familia and receiving their birthday wishes :)


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