Thursday, November 29, 2012


James has never been a kid to wear hats, costumes, sing, dance, or really just put himself out there. (He did the occasional magic show that surprised the heck out of me though!)

So when I picked him up from school daycare a few days ago, and he was wearing these bunny ears I was a little shocked. If you pay too much attention to something, with this little boy, I've learned he'll stop doing it. So I didn't say much about the ears.

We ate out that night because it was just James and me, and it was going to be a busy night because of karate.


He did take the ears off for karate. He probably knew they wouldn't approve. Ruin their rep!

But I took this picture at home. How can he look so cute and dangerous at the same time?? 🐇

Cuddling during his nightly show.


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