Sunday, November 4, 2012

6th Birthday Party with Kids

Total excitement around here when the birthday party day finally arrived. James could not contain his excitement!!

We invited about 10 of his friends, from New Horizon, his kindergarten class, and his after school program (a few of the boys are kindergarteners too, but not in his classroom).

We ended up having 8 little friends show up. That's a great turnout! And they all did RSVP, which is another small miracle. We were prepared to pay for more kids, and we had plenty of treat bags, but we just didn't know what to expect.

So, the party was at Brunswick and it was COSMIC BOWLING! HOW COOL! But it didn't make for good pictures :)

The kids got right to bowling.

The "Party Hero" (the worker assigned to us) gave us several breaks for games, cake, pizza, and then finally presents.

Here the kids are doing the limbo. Good ol' Grandma Rose got right in there and played with the kids. I was perfectly content to take pictures and video :) :) :)

Birthday Limbo.

OMG. The Chicken Dance.

I did jump in for the last minute of the Chicken Dance. I can honestly say that was the first (and last) time I intentionally did the Chicken Dance. I wanted to live in that moment, no matter how dorky!




James refused pizza until he was hand fed. Spoiled little guy!

Later this night, when I looked at the pictures, I started counting the kids... OMG I lost two of them temporarily! Turned out that Ali wasn't there yet (he came later) but Russell snuck off. Looking through the hundred or so pictures that I took Russell showed up a minute later. He is sneaky, that little guy.

James and Dad enjoy a moment together :)

Oh! There's Russell.

Cool light effect with glow sticks.


Another Party Hero came over and gave James a birthday crown (temporarily) and then made an announcement for the entire bowling alley to hear..



The Golden Birthday Boy announcement!


And of course, CAKE! Pokemon cake!!


And then the boys got hyper. Glow stick wars. Oh. What. Fun.
Another break for presents!


The friends were VERY generous. James is truly a lucky boy!

And last, some time in the arcade.

Brunswick gave James a great souvenir! All of his friends signed this REAL bowling pin that he gets to keep!


We exclaimed many, many times that this was the best birthday party we've ever been to. The bowling alley took great care of us and the 90 minutes flew by! There was lots to do and it was pretty well controlled. Well, except for Russell.

Happy Birthday to our James!!

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