Sunday, November 4, 2012


Jim received a frantic call from the school last week that James had a playground accident was bleeding quite a bit. I volunteered to leave my work to get James. I promised to call/message Jim with immediate details. We were worried about him needing stitches, that a tooth was knocked loose, and also just whether he was frantic or not.

He was fine! The nurse said she didn't think he needed stitches. Also, the tooth that is loose is a baby tooth. It is quite possible that the tooth was already loose.

James fell on the playground equipment as he was climbing. I think that he bit down on his lip, causing the bleeding. He had a big scab for about a week.

I called the dentist and they confirmed that it is a baby tooth and really, there isn't much to be done.

James healed nicely and the scab has already fallen off. He is back to his usual very, very dry lips. Chapstick should be his BFF.

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