Sunday, November 11, 2012

6th Birthday with Family

You know me, any chance to make a cupcake and I'm there. But for my James? And my sister Ana (who shared her special day with us)? Anything for them!

We had our local family over for a brunch, but we missed Tia Kiki, Tio Berto, Grandpa Frank, Grandma Julie, and Grandpa Larry (who was out of town for the weekend). James is a very loved boy and we felt their love and generosity despite the distance :)

And oh the presents. Too many presents. It was like Christmas! And everyone was so thoughtful.



And they know this boy. Hiding dollars in his gifts. He loves those dollars!





He received this Pokemon binder from his Tia ChaCha and Uncle Rich. He spent a long, long time carefully putting each card in the sleeves. He is so proud! 219 cards. I'm not even sure where he got them all...

A little later, snuggling with his Pokemon cards and his new Star Wars blanket that Tia made.

And several hours later a Lego creation was born. A four headed Ninjago dragon!

And do you like my new foyer/living room decor??

Gracias to our familia for everything. James loves you!

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