Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mom goes to Kindergarten

The teacher had sent out an email to the parents saying that the classroom is now ready for parent volunteers. I had a day off from work, but James had school so I thought that was my perfect opportunity to volunteer in the classroom!

I arrived at 9:30am, after their first recess. I didn't receive much instruction from the teacher on how I could help so I just wandered around the classroom and encouraged the kids to complete their assignment. I tried to use what Spanish I could :)

Señora Kennedy explained that a holiday was coming up and the kids needed to think about what they were thankful for. They all started drawing. I wish I could remember what the kids drew, some of them were pretty funny!

James says he is thankful for "familia and numeros". Numbers again!
Señora Kennedy also gave a lesson on family that I really, really appreciated. She was explaining that all families look different. Using her smart board she drew some pictures on the screen and then was able to manipulate the drawings with her fingertips, moving the pictures to make different family configurations. She explained that some families have a mama y papa, just a mama, or that abuelos (grandparents) may live with a family. If the kids got her meaning (this was all in Spanish) I think that all kids could see themselves in her description- even a same sex parent household. I wrote the teacher an email of thanks, telling her how important this was to me.

And then there was recess..





James and George.

There was a bit of naptime, or just plain old "lay on the floor and be quiet time."

And I found out how James knows how to count to 120. He chooses his floor space each day to be right by the number chart. During rest time I sat quietly next to him and stroked his hair. He told me he was counting quietly, just gazing up at the chart.

Lunch time!




I left after lunch time. James came home on the bus.

Wearing another hat!

And we found this Thanksgiving card in his backpack. We decided to give it to Tia ChaCha for hosting Thanksgiving the next day.

She loved it!


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